We follow trends all over the world. Here are the most recent figures for global business connections on LinkedIn.

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Presence by Industry

The following are some of the industries in South Africa and their number of users, based on 8 million users in South Africa.

Information Technology and Services167 000 users
Financial Services259 000 users
Hospital and Health Care111 000 users
Accounting289 000 users
Construction191 000 users
Computer Software59 000 users
Retail210 000 users
Higher Education93 000 users
Education Management163 000 users
Automotive126 000 users

How it works

As our client, you provide us with a list of industries that you would like to connect with, as well as specific positions within that industry. We will then provide you with a list of possible connections based on your criteria.

Current LinkedIn Clients per Province

The map below shows the number of LinkedIn clients per province. Your busines could take advantage of this user base!

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